Aguas Tour

Precipitously and Winding we ride up the Barranco de Moya, with nice look at the sea, until the colonial capital of the Poesie and the bananas is reached. An urban museum, dwelling house of the poet Thomas Morales, delivers urgent views of the life at that time. Nice Cafe's invite for staying.

Further on by narrow Barrancos, to Firgas, blest with water, in the village middle there flows water about many cascades, decorated with views of the island, the view down to the sea is excellent here.

Along the ridge on and on uphill there lies Teror, here a bigger provincial city, likewise with water wealth blest, comes the mineral water on the whole island.

The streets are very winding here and narrow, between avenues with very old and high eucalyptuses, it intensely smells of herbs and humid woods. Here on nearly 1,000 metres height one goes mostly already over the clouds. The views of the coasts and the Teide are breathtaking.